Jan Smith on Igrushka

It must be a place that is abandoned recently, within the span of a generation or two. It must have scale, it is not enough to have a couple of buildings one can find those almost anywhere - there should be enough size so that when one walks through the ruins the history of the place emerges. There must be a significant social or historical weight attached to that place, this can be subtle, such as the first place where images of the far side of the Moon, or Venus where seen, or it can be enormous as the site of the largest nuclear accident, Chernobyl. But most importantly, these are places that are pushed to the edge of social memory soon after they are abandoned. Igrushka

Derek Bauer Retrospective

Derek Bauer (1957 - 2001) was an artist who became well-known for his inherently irreverent cartoons and caricatures of particularly politicians and other prominent figures at the height of South Africa’s apartheid era. He expressed his fiercely independent and challenging views through a weekly cartoon which appeared in the alternative newspaper The Weekly Mail. The retrospective Alternative Press - Works by Derek Bauer, curated by Heidi Erdmann was on view at the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town in 2017 / 2018.
Derek Bauer Biography About the Exhibition
Bauer’s Cartoons
Erdmann’s article published in Dante Mag, London
Zapiro and Brandan in Conversation

Photo Festivals

Published in Art South Africa Asleep in front of the Camera recounts Heidi Erdmann’s experiences as an invited curator to two photography festivals in China; Dali International Photography Exhibition (DIPE) and Pingyao International Photography Exhibition (PIP). Erdmann is the recipient of the DIPE Award 2012 (Contemporary South African Photography) and associate curator with Lian Zhiping of Roger Ballen’s award-winning exhibition presented at PIP.

Impressions of Art Basel Hong Kong

Heidi Erdmann is a regular visitor to Art Basel Hong Kong and in this spread over three articles she shares her impressions from the inaugural event Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 to her impressions of the event three years later Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 and in 2018, commissioned by Dante Mag in London, she shares her impressions of how the city of Hong Kong (and all its major players) has successfully adapted its role in becoming Asia’s growing cultural hub.A Week In Hong Kong

Bobson Studio Portraits

In the essay Studio Portraits Heidi Erdmann pays homage to Sukdeo Bobson Mohanlall, one of South Africa’s most celebrated studio photographers who died in Durban in 2002.
Mohanlall’s famed series Bobson Studio Portraits , along with a selection of contemporary Indian Studio Photographs from the Satish Sharma Collection, and South African photographer Lindeka Gloria Qampi’s photographs, taken in a make-shift studio in Delft, Cape Town, can be viewed at The Photographers Gallery ZA.

Interview with Dodho Magazine

Dodho Magazine is a free independent magazine based in Barcelona, and “features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe.” Since its launch in April 2013, dodho.com has continued to be the fastest growing photography magazine, and currently has more than 750,000 annual hits. Read Interview

South Africa through the eyes of a Gallerist

In celebration of her longstanding contributions to the establishment of the local art scene and Erdmann Contemporary’s new location at 84 Kloof Street, Between10and5 caught up with Heidi Erdmann to find out about her views on the development of the South African art market, the importance of content-rich exhibitions and some of the challenges facing gallerists in South Africa today.

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