Hennic Jokeit

In early 2016 Swiss-bases photographer Hennric Jokeit launched his now much acclaimed exhibition and book Negative Vision both in South Africa and in Europe.

Fellow photographer Roger Ballen wrote that: Negative Vision is a book of images that transforms the mind in such a way that the dark becomes the light. These powerful images have the ability to resonate deep inside our cores”.

Jokeit continued his exploration of the negative image and in February 2017 released another evocative series of photographs of masks, titled Migrations. Read Jokeit’s Artist Statement and Cape Town critic Danny Shorken’s Review.

SitDitAf (#SwitchItOff)

This exhibition is focused around protests and was inspired by the recent and on-going protests on university campuses across our country. Too early to include artworks inspired by the #feesmustfall campaign (these works are still in the making), I researched protests of the 1980’s, when I was a student. The title is taken from a song written by Johannes Kerkorrel for his band, Die Gereformeerde Blues Band. It’s linkage in this context is the Voëlvry movement of 1989. This protest, presented in the form of music concerts across the country, were led by alternative Afrikaans musicians against the then Apartheid government; it also references the recent censorship imposed by the South African National Broadcaster. Media Statement

Letter to the Editor

Heidi Erdmann writes a regular column for the Nigerian art publication, Omenka Magazine. In the current edition, her letter shares insight into art fairs across the world.

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