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Somewhere on the other side
Exhibition by multi talented and award winning Italian artist Marilena Vita. Vita lives and works in Catania, Rome and Milan.

Present History II
Multi Media Group Exhibition with Nicola Grobler, Pieter Badenhorst, Paul Weinberg, Guy Tillim, Mark Hipper, Jurgen Schadeberg, Themba Shibase, Roger Ballen, Erik Chevalier, Paul du Toit, Laurina Paperina, Nicola Vinci, Barbara Wildenboer, Johann Louw, Manfred Zylla, Melanie Cleary, Nomusa Makhubu, Karlien de Villiers, Diana Hyslop, Jan Neethling, Willie Bester and introducing emerging talents Marike Herselman and Carla Erasmus.
September 2011

Private Public
Gary Van Wyk
B/W photographic exhibition
6 July - 13 August 2011
Opening Speaker Oliver Hermanus

Present History
Karlien De Villiers, Marna Hattingh, Diana Hyslop & Haidee Nel
Multi-media group exhibition
25 May - 2 July 2011

Library of the infinitesimally small and unimaginably large
Barbara Wildenboer
Altered books & conceptual installation
30 March - 21 May 2011

Pony Express
Fiona MacPherson
Photography and graphic design
16 February - 19 March 2011
Opening speaker Fred Abrahamse