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Nomusa Makhubu

17 October to 27 November 2013
James Harris Gallery, Seattle, United States.

Am I Not a Man and a Brother? Am I Not a Woman and a Sister?- Group exhibition featuring South African artists.

Günther Komnick

11 September to 12 October 2013
The Photographers Gallery za, Cape Town.

Cape Town - Memories of the ‘60s-Book Launch and Exhibition.

Marna Hattingh

12 September to 7 October 2013
M. Contemporary Sydney, Australia.

Each Their Own Wilderness- Debut solo exhibition.

Pingyao International Photography Festival

19 - 25 September 2013
Pingyao, China.

Four solo exhibitions curated by Heidi Erdmann
Jill Coleman, Brent Meistre, Lindeka Qampi & Graeme Williams

Patrick de Mervelec

21 August - 7 September 2013
The Photographers Gallery za, Cape Town

Johannesburg Architecture and Heritage- Solo Exhibition

Espen Krukhaug

20 July - 17 August 2013
The Photographers Gallery za, Cape Town

Bifröst - Solo Exhibition

A Re-Drawn Conclusion

29 June - 20 July 2013
ErdmannContemporary, Cape Town

Carla Erasmus, Brent Meistre, Jan Neethling, Wilhelm Saayman, Thembalakhe Prospect Shibase, Diana Hyslop, Manfred Zylla.

Roger Ballen

26 April - 10 May 2013
Mouche Gallery, Los Angeles

Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord - I fink u Freeky - Solo Exhibition

Read LA Weekly review by Eva Recinos.
Watch the opening installation video here.

Jan Neethling

27 March - 11 May 2013
ErdmannContemporary, Cape Town

A Greek Goddess up to No Good- Solo Exhibition

A Drawn Conclusion

Diana Hyslop

20 March - 6 May 2013
North-West University Gallery, Potchefstroom

Carla Erasmus, Brent Meistre, Brendhan Dickerson, Jan Neethling, Wilhelm Saayman, Thembalakhe Prospect Shibase, Diana Hyslop and introducing Robert Plotz.

Barbara Wildenboer

11 April - 11 May 2013
Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong

Disjecta Membra - Solo Exhibition

Themba Shibase

27 February - 23 March 2013
Opening speaker Prof Rozena Maart
ErdmannContemporary, Cape Town

Paint, Masculinity, Power and Violence - Solo Exhibition.

Stratum - Contemporary South African Art

Jane Alexander

17 January - 23 February 2013
ErdmannContemporary, Cape Town

David Lurie, Wilhelm Saayman, Roger Ballen, Jane Alexander, William Kentridge, Barbara Wildenboer, Marna Hattingh and Robert Plotz.