Jokeit’s Latest Photographs

In early 2016 Swiss-bases photographer Hennric Jokeit launched his now much acclaimed exhibition and book Negative Vision both in South Africa and in Europe.

Fellow photographer Roger Ballen wrote that: Negative Vision is a book of images that transforms the mind in such a way that the dark becomes the light. These powerful images have the ability to resonate deep inside our cores”.

Jokeit continued his exploration of the negative image and in February 2017 he released another evocative series of photographs of masks, titled Migrations. Read Jokeit’s Artist Statement and Cape Town critic Danny Shorken’s Review.

Anglea Buckland’s Latest series

For the past seven years Angela Buckland has been working on the theme of “rites of passage”, examining diverse young voices negotiating the fragile years between childhood and adulthood, and in particular what this means in contemporary South Africa. To that end she has been documenting three viewpoints: a group of multicultural, urban teenagers including her own daughter; a rural perspective negotiating gender inequality, agency and resilience and thirdly a group of Xhosa Initiates in the Eastern Cape. Her photographs are currently on view in Cape Town until 12 August.


The Words of Sir Seretse Khama

When Botswana born Eleanor Turvey received an invitation to participate in a group exhibition in Gaborone, she knew that the subject of her portrait would be the founding President, Sir Seretse Khama. The final portrait was constructed using Khama’s quotes in English and Setswana, the Botswana coat of arms and the country’s national anthem. The artwork was immediately purchased up by a Botswana based corporation.
A year later, in 2016 Turvey accepted the invitation to produce a limited edition print of the portrait to mark the 50th celebration of Botswana’s independence. In September 2016, at a moving ceremony in Gaborone the current President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama accepted Turvey’s prints as gift to the Khama family.

Qampi photograph on book cover

Lindeka Qampi developed an interest in photography more than a decade ago. Within a few years, she had made it her career. Her early photographs where mostly taken in the streets of Khayelitsha and that series now known as Daily Lives is one of the most important collection within the genre of street photography. In 2015 Qampi turned the lens onto herself to produce the series Inside My Heart. Jacana Publishers selected this self-portrait as cover image for their book, Sol Plaatje Poetry, European Union Poetry Anthology Volume VI.

Qampi’s latest photographs will go on view at the Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg in July 2017.

The Chavonnes Battery Museum

Curator Heidi Erdmann has formed a collaborative partnership with the Chavonnes Battery Museum at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The museum’s future exhibitions programme will now focus solely on photography. The first exhibition 1%:Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality curated by TIME magazine Photo Editor, Myles Little opened on 3 November and will remain on view until February 2017. Forty photographs by thirty three international image-makers are featured, including Chris Anderson (left). 1% Media Release

SitDitAf (#SwitchItOff)

This exhibition is focused around protests and was inspired by the recent and on-going protests on university campuses across our country. Too early to include artworks inspired by the #feesmustfall campaign (these works are still in the making), I researched protests of the 1980’s, when I was a student. The title is taken from a song written by Johannes Kerkorrel for his band, Die Gereformeerde Blues Band. It’s linkage in this context is the Voëlvry movement of 1989. This protest, presented in the form of music concerts across the country, were led by alternative Afrikaans musicians against the then Apartheid government; it also references the recent censorship imposed by the South African National Broadcaster. Media Statement

In Black & White

A single photograph by the great American street photographer, Garry Winogrand initiated this exhibition. With the thread of black and white street photography, veteran photographer Jurgen Schadeberg became the most obvious companion. Schadeberg, now resident in Spain, manages a demanding exhibition schedule, but agreed to participate with a selection of his early photographs taken in Johannesburg in the 1950’s; all limited edition silver gelatin hand prints. His first exhibition in South Africa since 2010. Cape Town street photographer Gary Van Wyk is also included and St.John Fuller’s contribution not only pays homage to this great medium, but also to the art of innovation; all his photographs were taken with an own-built pinhole camera. On view until end of August.

Buckland Classic

Photographer Angela Buckland is the recipient of numerous awards including the Emma Smith Overseas Scholarship, a nominee for the prestigious international Prix Pictet Award and the South African DaimlerChrysler Award for Creative Photography. She has published three books, Zip Zip My Brain Harts, Light on a Hill and Quiet Place. In her personal work, Buckland is interested in the private histories of seemingly ordinary people and the ways in which they interact with friends, lovers, families and strangers. She engages intuitively with her subjects, seeking an emotional veracity rather than an objective truth. One of her most acclaimed and evocative photographs Kruger’s Day, Brand Road, 1993 is now on view at our gallery.

Launch Pad: Projections

Initiated by The Photographers Gallery ZA and launched in February 2016, this platform, presented every second Tuesday of the month is an opportunity for developing talents to share their work. Hennric Jokeit, Stephanie Mzee, Asteria Malinzi, Hanna Thrul, Saaiq’a Ebrahim, Alyson Smith, Matt Slater, Nathan Stasin, Barry Martin and St.John Fuller have all participated. A Collectors Edition will be released at the end of the year. View works on The Photographers Gallery ZA’s Facebook page

A Morning with Manfred Zylla

Our intern from London, George A. White, spent a morning with gallery artist Manfred Zylla. He produced an E-Book based on an interview conducted both at Sea Point Swimming Pool and the artist’s home/studio. This publication is now available to read on Issuu.
Zylla tells us how current events have inspired his work and discusses his influences, from the Impressionists to Old German/Dutch Masters to his contemporaries.
A full transcript of the interview will be published shortly.

Rising new talent Aaron Samuel Mulenga

Mulenga was born in Lusaka, Zambia. He is currently a final year student at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, where he is majoring in Sculpture. His pen, ink and fabric portrait series (see left), titled Instruments of Power, features six consecutive Zambian Presidents. The series made its debut at the recent Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg.
His earlier photographic series, which features the self, is centered on the perception of warriors in various cultural groups within the African continent. The inspiration for this project came from the Bemba people from Zambia, the Mursi from Ethiopia, and the Zulu from South Africa.

Pressure Point Exhibition

The prolific German-South African artist, Manfred Zylla, is included in our current group exhibition, Pressure Point. His latest work, a large mixed-media drawing entitled Facebook Droppings, is composed of images sampled from the artist’s Facebook Newsfeed. Also included is some early work by now-Portland-based artist James Reed, a painting by Pretoria-based Danielle Malherbe, five woodcut collages by Johannesburg-based Wayne Matthews and three mixed-media paintings by Cape Town-based Dathini Mzayiya.
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Oberholzer Online

Obie Oberholzer is known as the father of colour photography and the publisher of eleven photography books. Until 2009, when he dismantled his darkroom, he was also one of the finest colour hand-printers in South Africa. We are now pleased to announce that Oberholzer selected fifty five of his all-time favourite photographs for our current online exhibition. The selection, which are all final edition prints, were taken and printed by Oberholzer between 1978 and 2007. His selection includes portraits and landscapes.
View this exhibition at The Photographers Gallery ZA.
Read Media Feature.

On Photography, Painting & Sculpture

Group exhibition with two photographers, Hennric Jokeit and Robert Hamblin, two painters, Debbie Loots and Agnes Heinz and sculptures by Nicola Roos. Now on view until 2 April 2016.
Press Release
Review of exhibition
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Manfred Zylla releases New Work

Known as one of South Africa’s most important resistance artist, Zylla continues to produce work which challenges conventional categorization. His latest work, a large mixed media drawing entitled, I Love Schubert, hints that inspiration came from the Romantic painters, but Zylla has long been known as an artist who subverts his inspirational sources. His latest work also reveals an unconventional technique; it is not drawn nor is it painted.
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Living In The World

Lindeka Qampi is the recipient of the Mbokodo Award 2015 for Creative Photography. Earlier this year she started work on a new series, Living in the World, which explores the complex issue of young men growing up with absent father figures. This is a collaborative project between Qampi and her subjects; who are encouraged to share their experiences through their own writing.

View Qampi’s recent and earlier work on The Photographers Gallery ZA

Shooting Stars

The exhibition explores the genre of music photography through the work of six photographers, including three young up-and-coming local music photographers, Pierre Rommelaere, Vetman van der Naam and Hylton Boucher. With pit and all access passes, they get onto the front and backstage’s at live music venues and music festivals around the country. Also included is Pierre Crocquet, who documented the South African Jazz music scene. Tim Hopwood’s photographs taken at a Voëlvry music concert in 1989 and a selection of photographs from the Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord series.
Shooting Stars List of Works
Shooting Stars E-Catalogue

Schadeberg & Lvov

Acclaimed photographer, Jurgen Schadeberg, has recently collaborated with the New York-based master platinum printer, Arkady Lvov. Their collaboration lead to the release of a platinum print of Schadeberg’s most iconic image, Nelson Mandela in his cell, 1994. The edition size is /36, with only a single print released in South Africa, exclusively through ErdmannContemporary. Contact Heidi Erdmann for details.

Jan Smith

Mexican-born photographer Jan Smith’s series, Igrushka: A Fable of Toys and Isotopes, has been on view around the world, including Head On Photo Festival in Sydney, Australia.
Igrushka, which means “toy” in Russian, is an exploration of the 1986 Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine. Smith’s series is focused on one very particular nursery in the abandoned city of Pripyat.
View the Series

Cleary to extend Family Portraits

Melanie Cleary has resumed work on her series Family Portraits, which was started in 2006. The series continues with return visits to earlier photographed subjects, such as the then-unknown couple from Die Antwoord (see title image), as well as portraits of individuals working in the creative industry.

View this series on The Photographers Gallery ZA
Read Between10and5’s feature on Cleary’s on-going project.

Grada Djeri & Jorge Sierra Rubia

Photographic exhibition in memory of a great artist, photographer & musician
Including portraits by Jorge Sierra Rubia
14 April - 23 May 2015
Installation Images
Press Release
Jorge Sierra Rubia’s portraits


Jurgen Schadeberg Honoured

In April 2014 the International Centre of Photography in New York, awarded Schadeberg the Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement for his contribution to photography. In September 2014, Schadeberg received a Doctor Honoris Causa from Valencia University Politecnica for his contribution to world photography. Schadeberg started his career in South Africa in 1950 when he became the Chief Photographer, Picture Editor and Art Director at Drum magazine. He photographed key figures and captured historical moments, including the Defiance Campaign (1952) and the Treason Trial (1958). Ironically, during that time and until he left the country in 1964, these assignments often led to his arrest.
View photo album here.

Letter to the Editor

Heidi Erdmann writes a regular column for the Nigerian art publication, Omenka Magazine. In the current edition, her letter shares insight into art fairs across the world.

Full Article

Articles published in Art South Africa

The previous issue of Art South Africa featured an article by Heidi Erdmann entitled Asleep in front of the Camera. The article recounts her experiences at both the Dali International Photography Exhibition (DIPE) and Pingyao International Photography Exhibition (PIP) that both took place in China last year. Read the article here. Another article by Heidi Erdmann that appeared in Art South Africa was one that covered Art Basel Hong Kong and her impressions of the fair. Click here to read the article.